Pegasus Bike Training Courses

What Licence Do You Have?

To undertake any training course you will need to have a valid UK driving licence with the correct motorcycle entitlement.

Provisional Licence (cars and motorcycles)
You must complete CBT before you ride either mopeds or motorcycles. CBT validates your licence and allows you to ride for two years during which time you must display L-plates. Note: you are not allowed to carry passengers on any machine if you are also required to display L-plates.

Full car licence issued before 1st February 2001
You will have full moped (up to 49cc) and provisional motorcycle entitlement. You do not need a CBTcertifcate or L-Plates to ride a moped and can carry passengers on 49cc bikes (but we would recommend it) A CBT is required to ride motorcycles over 49cc.

Full car licence issued after 1st February 2001
You must complete CBT before using your full moped entitlement. Once completed you may ride up to 49cc mopeds without L-plates and carry passengers until your car licence expires. You may ride motorcycles up to 125cc on the same certificate, but for two years only with L-plates.

1) CBT Training - This is Compulsory Basic Training and is mandatory to allow you to ride on a road as a learner rider.

2) A1 Standard - The A1 motorcycle training course prepares the student for their practical motorcycle test on a 125cc motorbike

3) A2 Standard - The A2 motorcycle training course prepares the student for their practical motorcycle test on a 500cc (47 bhp) motorbike

4) Direct Access - The direct access scheme is designed for bike riders over 24 years old, who wish to ride bikes of unlimited size or power

5) Refresher Training - Ideal course if you haven't riden for a while or even if you just want some additional training to enhance your riding skills and techniques.

6) Scooter and Moped Training - Courses tailored to suit all age groups from 16year olds and upwards, from CBT to full licence.

7) Motorcycle Instructors Course - Prepation course for the 2 part motorcycle instructors assessment run by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

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